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Are you looking for a good alternative to taxis in Verona? Do you want to reach major destinations from the city of Verona, or move to any tourist destinations in Northern Italy? Then you are on the right website! Discover on our website what are the advantages offered by our car rental services with driver, available 24/7 for all occasions when you need a means of transportation at your disposal.

We are experienced professionals and we know perfectly how to get you to your destination safe and quickly. The rates we offer are very competitive compared to taxicabs in Verona.
Contact us immediately and we will carefully review all of your requests and agree on the best quote possible.

Chauffeur Service in Verona

Our company has years of experience in providing transportation alternative to taxis in Verona, offering efficient solutions and low fares for your mobility.

The care of our drivers and comfort of our vehicles will make your journey much more pleasant compared to what is offered by a normal taxicab. We will take you anywhere in the city of Verona and in the north of Italy with your full relax.

Among our cars stand out an Opel Vivaro and a Mercedes ML, with the absolute guarantee of safety and comfort, especially for long distances.

Trasferimenti con Opel Vivaro Opel Vivaro


Noleggio auto con conducente - Mercedes Noleggio auto con conducente - Mercedes


Compared to our competitors, we provide dedicated services for tourism, special events and organized tours. Indeed, this is the ultimate added value of our work: we are always at your disposal!

Why should you choose us instead of a taxi in Verona?

The main advantage compared to a traditional taxi in Verona, is that you will enjoy a reliable service with no unpleasant surprises. The contact between you and our drivers is direct and does not require intermediaries. We will create a relationship of trust and will always respect the agreed time. Our driver will be waiting for you at the scheduled time and you will be absolutely sure to reach your destination without annoying delays.

Punctuality is a key aspect in order not to miss the train or plane if you're traveling, and in order not to be late for an important appointment.

Unlike a taxi, chauffeur service offers rates which are agreed in advance during the booking and there will be no further increases. Using a normal taxi it is impossible to define in advance the cost of a ride: in this case the rate is calculated by the meter, depending on the traveled distance and the time spent.

What we offer compared to other means of transport in Verona?

By now you probably have realized the benefits of booking a chauffeur service. But perhaps you are still not entirely convinced, to the point that you are about to continue your search on Google. If so, please stay one more minute on this page and know the reasons why choose us instead of opting for a taxi in Verona or another means of transport!